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Flashlight Apps: Top 6 Free Flashlight Apps in Android

Flashlight Apps: Top 6 Free Flashlight Apps in Android

Flashlight is a  battery-operated portable light which can be used in dark where no other light source is available or in emergency for signal.

Total 900 million users have  Android powered smartphones in year 2013 who can convert their Android OS powered mobile phones into flashlight by simply installing free flashlight app  into their mobile phone so why they should carry an extra flashlight.

AppNego is presenting you the list of top 6 free best flashlight Apps available in Android play store.

Here is the list of flashlight apps.

Color Flashlight HD LED Logo Flishlight App6. Color Flashlight HD LED

Color Flashlight HD LED stands 6 in our list of top 6 free flashlight apps with the cool feature of strobe frequency controller.It can also use the LED light of camera and most of all  it also support all android devices.

It has option to  change the color and brightness of your mobile screen by this app you can convert your phone into police light, candle light, a rainbow, a disco ball and flash banner option.

You can download it from Here.

Super Bright Flashlight Logo5. Super Bright Flashlight

At number 5  we have Super Bright Flashlight it has an option of  widget with this option you can place shortcut on your mobile home screen for  quick use of  flash light even without loading the whole application it has  user friendly interface and optimized battery use.

It is very bright then other flashlight apps it can also use the camera flashlight with strobe option.

You can download it from Here.

Smart Flashlight Logo 4. Smart Flashlight

The smart and really simple app in the list it has not tons of options but the best 3 and easy to use features of this apps includes LED light,screen light and flashlight widget shortcut which can be used as a shortcut to turn the flashlight on quickly.

You can download it from Here.

Better FlashLight HD LED Logo3. Better Flashlight HD + LED

It’s one of the top 3 flashlight apps available on Android Play store it has all the feature you need it has 6 types of flashlight modes LED flashlight,screen flashlight,strobe mode,colorful light bulb,disco mode with sound sensitivity and the 6th mode is shake mode.

You can download it from Here.

Flashlight - MEGA Flashlight Logo2. Flashlight – MEGA Flashlight

This apps features includes  screen light, morse code,strobe light,police lights,warning light,battery status and last but not least  it has a button to switch between “Flashlight Mode” or “NO Flashlight Mode”.

This app dose not force  it’s users to give unnecessary permissions like other apps do.

You can download it from Here.

Tiny Flashlight  LED1. Tiny Flashlight  LED

At number 1 in flashlight app it’s Tiny Flashlight  LED because of it’s powerful features and fast execution time and very user friendly GUI it is the only flashlight app with the most features and perfect and stable working version.

It supports the widest range of devices.It can use camera flashlight and it has different types of widgets options including lock screen widget for fastest access to your flashlight in case you need it.

You can download it from Here.

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