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Best Android Game Danger Dash October 2013

Best Android Game Danger Dash October 2013

Mobile gaming a watered-down, casual affair, the continuing release of excellent mobile games along a wide variety of genres is challenging that’s what bring you to  AppNego.This month October 2013 we present you one best android game which is developed by a well known gaming company Gameloft.Gameloft is one of top developer in Android Play store.

Danger DashDanger Dash is a 3D arcade & action ultimate runner game with the small size of 14MB and it’s totally free to download and play.If you are adventurer you will love this game.Danger Dash is challenging but not much difficult.

You have multiple heroes in this game you can unlock new characters.It’s a ultimate runner game just like the famous game Temple Run you have  to collect artifacts to unlock new characters and get some extra powers.

With it’s simple  jump or slide to control anyone can play Danger Dash without having a enormous gaming background.

You can upgrade your hero power like  Revival Ankh, The Tiger, or Jungle Fever.Danger Dash has online leader-boards where you can compare your score with your friends or even break the worlds best players records.So Best Android Game for this October 2013 is none other then Danger Dash by Gameloft.

Here are some of the screenshots of our  best android game for October 2013 Danger Dash.

Danger Dash Screenshot 1Danger Dash Screenshot 2

You can download Danger Dash free from here.

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