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Ubuntu Phone OS for your Smartphones

Ubuntu Phone OS for your Smartphones

What is Ubuntu ?

Ubuntu is the FREE Operating System build upon linux  kernel and the Linux distribution Debian.Ubuntu is the one of the most popular Linux distribution.Canonical Ltd is the  company behind all the Ubuntu development Owned by  Mark Shuttleworth.

Ubuntu Phone is the future

Ubuntu Phone is a new OS which supports smartphones.Ubuntu Phone will be released in January 2014.Ubuntu Phone is OS of need which is uniquely design to  coalesce the mobiles, tablets, laptops and PC.Ubuntu Phone is a free and open-source platform.Which means it will be available free for life.

Ubuntu Phone has Unique mobile UI design interface and supports all devices like PC, phones, TV etc.You can convert your Ubuntu smartphone  into a PC anytime when docked with a monitor, keyboard and mouse it provide full PC features.Even entry level smartphones with basic hardware can run Ubuntu Phone easily.

It is high possibility that Ubuntu Phone will get a very large share in the Mobile OS market because of it’s new and innovative technology and it’s wide support of devices.It  will  give tough competition to Apple IOS, Google Android and Windows Phone but let us not forget the challenges Ubuntu Phone have to face in coming time because Ubuntu is not  the only one going to jump in this market the famous company Mozilla developer of the browser Firefox is also trying to get the Mobile OS market with their Mobile OS called Firefox OS.

Ubuntu Phone Main Features

  • Thumb gestures to switch between apps faster.
  • Support HTML5, web apps and native apps.
  • Personalized Home and Welcome screens.
  • Conversion of your Super-phone into PC anytime you want.
  • Advance search option a single search menu can search anything within your Ubuntu smartphone or  internet.
  • Minimum Hardware Requirement 1 GHz processor and 512 MB — 1 GB RAM.

Here are some  screenshots  of Ubuntu OS for Mobile Phone

Ubuntu Phone Screenshots


Ubuntu phone conversationsUbuntu phone photo gallery

Thumb Gesture

Ubuntu Phone offers  rich developer ecosystem this open new window of opportunities to the developers.

Ubuntu Phone Apps

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